Sunday, November 11, 2012

October Orientation

October was great.

 We had an AFS orientation in Ponferrada a few weeks ago, which meant a while traveling on trains and buses but it was definitely worth it. So much fun and I love all the other kids here so much. We stayed in a campsite with cabins and stayed up late and had lots of activities with the volunteers about how our adjustments were going, and general AFS experience things. We discussed a lot about cultural differences, and some of the volunteers explained some of the reasons to Spain's quirks (for example, people can be pushy about eating lots at meals because most people have older relatives who went hungry during the Civil War, so food has become sort of extra important). It was just so nice to talk with people we'd missed since New York and Madrid. And there were patriotic moments, Megg and Paige and I gave a wonderful (loud) rendition of the Star Spangled Banner for everyone. The train ride back from Santiago to Pontevedra with Solveig, Julia, Milena, and Yinqui was so much fun, I'm so glad the Galicia kids are awesome and I love them.

On the way I stopped by the Cathedral in Santiago again
(the rest aren't my pictures but thanks to the other AFSers)
The southern Galicia kids, mis amores.

almost all the AFSers placed in Galicia, Castilla y Leon, and Asturias from all over the world
best friends

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