Wednesday, March 20, 2013

many apologies

I somehow seemed to skip february. It went by in such a blur.  I think I'm in denial of just how fast time is going- it's pretty well past the halfway mark and nearly 7 months. I am adjusted more and more all the time to being here. So adjusted I have absolutely no idea what to post. For the first half of the stay I was so proud of myself for relatively not falling behind in posts and not neglecting to update too much, I was sure I'd make it through, but I didn't. I hope you can forgive me, (or at least remember me?)
Everything is going just fine, the language gets better every day. Evidently I just need to work on balancing more time into updating for home. If I'm being completely accurate January was the hardest month for me in terms of homesickness, and I think I sort of accidentally tried to separate myself even more to avoid that again. (or something. we just finished studying Freud in philosophy so I'm extra aware of the sub-conscious haha). I miss y'all a lot, but it can't be helped and I'll do much better at keeping track of time.

In the last few weeks, there was Spanish Carnaval (a few pictures below!), a brief trip to Madrid (parents had some work stuff there so we all went), a whole lot of the normal routine of school and studying, and a few impromptu games of pool and rugby (never would have though I'd say that!).

My sister and I in our costumes, I was a dark angel along with my host mom  (we had wings but they don't show up in the photo) and my sister was a military person.

At this moment, my host sister is in Paris, I've finally finished my exams, my host mom has recently learned that her novels will become movies, within 2 days I'll be backpacking on a pilgrimage with some great AFS people, and then afterwards the host family is going to Salamanca for Semana Santa. I'll take tons of pictures and put them on here, I promise!


Monday, March 18, 2013

Still here

I promise to get some posts up very soon, so so so sorry for losing track for a while, I'm still here and doing fine!

<3 Amy