Monday, April 8, 2013

Camino de Santiago (part 1): a video

This a video my friend Lani made about the trip, and it sums it up pretty greatly.

My own version in word post format is still lacking some more photos and edits but it will be up soon too!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


My grades:

(out of 10, 5 is passing)

Contemporary Sciences: 7 (up 2 points from last grading period)
Gym: 6 (same)
Philosophy: 7 (up 4 points)
Galcian: Exempt
Spanish literature and language: 3 (same)
English: 10 (same)
Educational Attention: Not Applicable
Biology and Geology: 7 (up 2 points)
Physics and Chemistry: 5 (up 2 points)
Math: 4 (down 1)
Technology: 4 (down 3)

I'm most proud of my biology, philosophy, and physics grades. Technology is just embarrassing. My math teacher failed me by .1 point. Otherwise I'm pleased with the results and I'll just keep working for my last trimester in Spain, which started today after Semana Santa (spring/Easter break), and I am currently writing more posts about what I did during those vacations.