Friday, January 18, 2013

Cheira Bem, Cheira a Lisboa

Hey everyone! I'm determined to catch up on posting soo...

rewind to the weekend of December 6th- that is a four day weekend in Spain because that Thursday was Constitution Day, a national holiday, (and if Thursday is a holiday so of course Friday too of course).  SO, having some extra days, my host family and I went to Lisbon, Portugal! We left around 8:30 and got there for lunch, I love how close everything is in Europe. It was absolutely beautiful. And it was the first European big city I've really been in, since the arrival in Madrid can't really count because I didn't see any of the city (although I have now visited since then but that's for another post).

It was so much fun. Seeing monuments, being touristy, visiting ancient castles, seeing monuments and paintings and architecture and graffiti, eating, listening to traditional Fados, people watching, eavesdropping on Portuguese, and fighting an overwhelming urge to shout "I SPEAK ENGLISH TOO OMG I LOVE YOU" every time I overheard snippets from British or American tourists. That is what you get when you're isolated too long from your native language, at least in my case. We squeezed in a ton of things in those few days and it was insanely hard choosing just a few photos and not uploading all of them. But here they are. They are also all credited to Antia because my camera died 5 minutes after we got there and these are hers.

One of the first things I saw were the long seemingly-endless streets. Living in a little town these days it was almost a shock.

A main plaza
the adorable classic street trolleys! we rode in one and it was fun.

This is a former hotel that is now the train station. I adored the architecture, up close the details are fantastic

the padres and I in front of the Hieronymites Monastery (so are the next 2 pictures, it was stunnning)

View of the city
The padres and I at the Lisbon Arc de Triomphe
We found a giant map of the world and I stood on my two homes!

The next 2 pictures below are at the Tower of Belen:
(this morning was super foggy but normally there is great water views from here... it felt so isolated not seeing anything at all)

Looking over the city! No, it's not San Fransico, it's definitely Lisbon.

This is the giant Jesus looking over Lisbon from across the water, like the one in Brazil.

Sorria, você está em Lisboa

It was truly a beautiful city and I'm so glad I got the chance to visit.

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  1. Great pictures, Amy--glad you had a good time!


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