Thursday, December 20, 2012


Today's post is to just to briefly celebrate the fact that I have almost completed one whole trimester in Spain!

Tomorrow is the last day before winter vacations and we get out at 11.

Possibly the most beautiful moment of the day was my whole class clapping for me after our teacher read out my final grades.

Contemporary Sciences: 5
Gym: 6
Philosophy: 3
Galcian: Exempt
Spanish literature and language: 3
English: 10
Educational Attention: Not Applicable
Biology and Geology: 6
Physics and Chemistry: 3
Math: 5
Technology: 7

Above 5 is passing, 6 is good, 7-8 is notable, 9-10 is basically perfect. So I only failed 3 classes in total, which is actually fewer than I´d expected! My goal is to improve them all to passing for the next trimester. I'm most surprised by the technology grade, my teacher must have given me more credit for doing the applied exercises in the computer lab than I thought because we only took one test and I got about a .5 /10.  And in English my teacher didn't make me take the tests so I didn't exactly earn it besides writing a couple summaries for novels in Spanish I read during class (which I prefer a whole lot to just about any class). Gym should probably be higher, but that's never been my strong point (hah literally because I'm not strong get it?). My teacher is cool if somewhat crazy (but I'm pretty sure that's a general trait for PE teachers anyways usually). 

Enough about grades! Instead here are some of my favorite new Spanish words:
  • burburjeante  (bubbly)
  • cosquillas  (tickles)
  • murciélago  (bat)
  • estrafalario  (bizarre)

And finally, the world isn't ending and there are beautiful rainbows to be seen over Marín!

Credit to Jorge, who took this a few days ago. How awesome is that?

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  1. Way to go, Amy!!! And I love your goal, too!


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