Sunday, September 16, 2012

the first week

I've been here for one week now.

That's crazy. It feels both like much less time than that, but also that I've been here forever.

I've done tons of stuff this week! I could write for hours and still not finish. I'm actually only awake right now because I took a really long nap this afternoon (unfortunately my allergies were acting up and I took a benadryl, but then of course I fell asleep). Instead for this time I'm just going to  have lots of pictures.

 Tomorrow is my first day of school, kind of. It's just the "presentation" day, I go in at 11:30 and meet my teachers and get my schedule, but that's it. Tuesday is the first real day. I'm a little nervous! But not toooo much.
at the beach

Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela

 I would like to say that this is one of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring places I've ever been. I'm not religious, but this cathedral was so stunning. Walking inside and seeing the art and architecture from hundreds of years ago and you can practically tangibly feel the passion that the designers had for creating something to praise the Lord. It's hard to avoid a sense of wonder and calm when you are quietly gazing at centuries old art and amazing ceilings and hearing a priest read prayers in Spanish and learning about the traditions and seeing people praying in the pews even today regardless of your own religion. You can't help but somehow have a huge sense of respect toward this cathedral that has more history than the USA as a country.  I wish I had gotten any good pictures from inside because that was incredible as well. Just knowing that thousands and thousands of people have come here to worship and the pilgrims from the Camino de Santiago who walked and made so much effort to get to THIS spot is just a really cool experience. I can't even imagine what the people who make that journey must feel.

Enjoy this impressive cathedral song my Spanish teacher (even though it's in French) played once (actually he played it like 7 times because it's kind of addicting in a weird spiritual emotions jam kind of way).

it's extremely beautiful
my sister and I

another church in Santiago
ciclists in front of the naval military school which is in my town

the view from my window

and from the other window

queso tetilla (a special galician cheese, named after their shape... breasts. When my host dad put them up to his chest in the supermarket to explain I nearly died.)

at the supermarket, the weights for fruits have ALL the numbers on them, i didn't understand why not just 0-9 like in the USA.
seems legit

we went to a tower on a hill for the gorgeous views

literally two minutes later we watched the clouds roll in

approx 15,000 year old tomb from the earliest inhabitants of the area


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